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OnePlus set to launch the OnePlus TV in September in India:

OnePlus has confirmed on its upcoming OnePlus TV which is set to launch in September, The biggest new is that OnePlus is launching the OnePlus TV in India before the rest of the world gets to see it. OnePlus Chief Executive Officer Pete Lau said in a post on OnePlus forum on Tuesday, he said the company wants to focus on one market at a time to ensure success. This throws light on OnePlus’ intention of making the Indian market its priority. And now, to add in to the build-up to the launch of the OnePlus TV, Amazon has made another announcement regarding the TV.

The OnePlus TV will be Available on Amazon Special in India:

OnePlus has officially announced that its OnePlus TV will be available on Amazon Special. The OnePlus TV will be exclusively available via Amazon’s Indian online website. When OnePlus launches the OnePlus TV somewhere in September, it will be selling it only on Amazon. Amazon website has already started showing a “Notify Me” page on there website.

Where To Buy OnePlus TV Online In India = ONLY ON AMAZON

OnePlus TV Specifications:

The OnePlus TV to offer a total immersive experience 55-inch 4K QLED display screen. This means the customers would have the hardware to play HDR 4K video content.

The OnePlus TV to offer Dolby Atmos for a ‘supper cinematic sound space in the living room’. The TV with eight speakers will ensure high audio quality, which will be able to produce “punchy bass to fill up your living room.”

Brand : OnePlus
Product Name: OnePlus TV
Screen Size (in Inches) : 55 & 75 inch
Screen Type : QLED ( Quantum dot LED, 8K)
TV Type : Smart TV (Android TV OS)

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